Client ········· Nike
Campaign ········· Believe
Year ······ 2018
Role ······· Art Director

the campaign
We’re all guilty of negative thoughts. Cristiano's no different. But how did he turn doubt into confidence and success?

To kick off the FIFA 2018 World Cup, we collaborated with Nike Football to create the “Believe” campaign. Leading it, were three short films about Cristiano Ronaldo’s unerring positivity, manifested through the two voices battling in his head – RonalDO and RonalDON’T.

We interviewed Cristiano to uncover key moments of his life and the internal conflict that shaped his career.

Cristiano and Nike Football also posted the films to their stories, with each one encouraging viewers to 'Swipe up' to the Nike Bootroom where in-depth interviews celebrated his positive mentalities.

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