Client ········· Sport England
Campaign ········· This Girl Can
Year ······ 2020
Role ······· Senior Art Director

the campaign
This Girl Can 2020 is leaving no woman left behind in the latest instalment of the campaign that confronts how society must change in order to accommodate all women being active.

In this phase, we’re introducing new cast members and stories while bringing back some of the women who’ve prominently featured in past This Girl Can ads, showing how we’re still as relevant today as we were five years ago.

But this campaign also shows that there are a host of new barriers that need addressing in 2020. We’re moving beyond just covering the emotional and practical barriers that might stop women from being active – we’re now tackling societal barriers that can prevent women from feeling like they can join in.

The realities of motherhood, periods, menopause, and LGBTQ and disability inclusion – these are all necessary conversations, and ones intrinsically linked to sport. By tackling these topics with the characteristic honesty and irreverence of the campaign, we’re hoping to spark further discussions, get people talking, and help more women find ways to be active as it suits them.

Our TV ad went live on 17th January, immediately drumming up international attention and inspiring women in England and beyond. It shows real women defying some of society’s most entrenched judgements, all with our infectious ‘don’t give a damn’ spirit. This includes a mother breastfeeding before heading off to netball, a transgender climber confidently scaling a wall with friends, and a woman pulling up leggings over a visible tampon string before stretching out in yoga – a first for an ad not selling sanitary products.

We followed this up with OOH and content films that told our the stories of our new women and explored the societal barriers they busted through in greater depth. And on International Women's day, we released a rallying cry for 2020 online and (the following week) in a special edition of Stylist Magazine as a print ad. In a first for the brand, we used solely copy to reveal unspoken truths that many women in our community share, seeking to authentically portray women with words alone.

since the pandemic
In September of 2020, we came back with an updated campaign celebrating the inventive ways women have stayed active and fit activity into their lives during the pandemic, inspiring women to do the same through brilliant real-life stories.

The refreshed work featured women from earlier in the year and some new faces. It aims to inspire by showing them fitting activity into their own lives – in their own way, and in their own time during the pandemic. We tackled new barriers women were facing like feelings of isolation, lost of income, health scares and adjusting to a a new ways of life.


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