Client ········· Sport England
Campaign ········· This Girl Can
Year ······ 2019
Role ······· Senior Art Director

the work
Between juggling kids, jobs, friends, life, and everything in-between, mums can sometimes struggle to find the time to exercise. So This Girl Can and Disney have partnered up to create a way for mums and kids to be active, centred around play.

We wanted to create something that unlocked the “fun” factor of moving around, based on the ways real mums and kids get moving. That’s why we invited real families from across England to dance around to Disney tracks they love, including songs from The Little Mermaid, Moana, The Jungle Book, and the new Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants 3.

It was critical to us that these films be enjoyable first and foremost, and that there would be no “wrong” moves. For younger kids, we co-developed “routines” that link movement to imagination, playing off the worlds of the films the songs are from. And for older kids, we created films that mix familiar dance moves with moments to freestyle and put your own spin on things.

This Girl Can is all about celebrating women getting active, no matter how they like to do it. By partnering with Disney, a beloved and trusted family brand, we’re hoping to introduce our convention-busting message to even more audiences and to help mums find ways to get moving that they’ve never thought of before.  

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